Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Lastest weekend, wes got to see our cousin otis. He came'n for an overnight visit! He is a very cute lab puppy:

Course, even though he's just a puppy, he's 'bout as big as me-n-Sadie!

He's awso very special--He only has three legs! He jumped from a wearry high thing when he was little, and shattered one of his legs. (his daddy, our uncle, tried to catch him, but couldn't. that made him wearry sad for a while, til Otis got better).

That doesn't matter, though, cuzen he is fun to play wif!

Awso, just so everyone knows that my mum is fair--she let's boff me-n-Sadie on the couch wiff her. I wuv it!


Sunday, December 2, 2007


Well, November was a very busy month. We had no time to blog. First, our parents went to SLC for a weekend, and left us with Gramma for the weekend! Gramma has a nice big back yard and golfers come by to visit. I sometimes go sit by the green and wait for treats, but Gramma doesn't like this and makes me come back in the yard.

The next weekend, Mom, Gramma and we took a very long car trip. We drove all the way to Sheridan, Wyoming to visit our uncle Michael and his two dogs, Oreo and Zip.

This is the three of them:

Oreo is a nine year old JRT.

Zip is just a little blue heeler mix puppy. She was only 12 weeks old on our visit. She sure is cute, and she would try to herd us around her house.

Then, the four of us to another long car trip. We drove from Sheridan to Denver, Colorado to visit our aunt Amanda (she doesn't have any dogs). We stayed in a motel room. It was great; we got our own bed:

Then, Gramma left back to Boise on a plane, and our daddy flew in. We spent Thanksgiving at our great-aunt Cher's house. It was great. The best part is---IT SNOWED. I love the snow, see:

Of course, aunt Cher has a doggy named Chachi. She is a really old pomeranian. She does not like to play with us, but I tried. She wouldn't even let me cuddle on aunt Cher's lap with her.

Things were pretty fun. We got to see our uncle Bo (he's the one who taught me to take naps on the couch). He likes Boatey and me, too.

Of course, sometimes things were boring:

After the festivities, we drove all the way back to Boise in one day. That was a very long day, and we were all very tired. I decided that a nap with mom was in order:

Sadie (and Boatey)