Tuesday, February 19, 2008

What Comes After Winter????


Yes, it is the return of mud season here in the Treasure Valley. The weather has been warm lately (around 45*).

We love the mud:

The best part about mud? Digging!!!

Of course, Boatey prefers finding a stick to digging.

Yes, hiking and mud make my day!

Ruff ruff,


Thanks Bogart!!!!

thisin post has taken a wooooong time, but the hoomans haven't beens so good 'bout lettin us'n post. anyways, Bogart sended us some wonderpul jerky. We wuvvvvvs it.

Thanksn ssoooooo much!!

Boatey & Sadie

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

More Fun in the Snow

This weekend was great. First, on Saturday we made a new friend and went snowshoeing. Our new friend is a German Wirehair Pointer named Raina. She is still a rambunctious little puppy, but she was fun to play with.

We didn't go as far this time. Instead, we went just outside of Boise. We were on an old logging road just past the treeline in the Boise National Forest. Here is what Boise looks like from the trail:

By the time we finished snowshoeing, it was starting to snow. The road at the trailhead is really nasty. It is the only road up to a ski resort outside of Boise (Bogus Basin). Right after we left, there was a nasty car accident that shut the road down for a long time. Fortunately, we made it off the hill no problem.

The next morning it was still snowing, so our humans took us to our favorite park. It has lots of trails through the hills, and we can run free. We had a great time!

Yes, it was a great weekend!


Monday, February 4, 2008

I'm a Little Teapot, Part II

So, the humiliating weigh-in has occurred.
Sadie +4
Boatie +3

I have been informed that this means I must loose about 4 lbs, and Boatie is good, but could still gain 2 lbs or so.

We shall see what this means . . . .

It might mean, they are more careful to not set down the whipped cream bowl:

I'm a Little Teapot

Well, we went to visit our aunti and uncle yesterday. They have tons of toys and three English Setters. They even gave us a great squeaky toy to take home.

However, since the vet said to put a couple more pounds on Boatie, we have been getting lots of extra treats (now, I am not complaining, just stating the facts). Well, uncle Greg saw me and thought I was a little tubby. Mostly, I am convinced, it is not excess poundage, but is instead my luxurious winter coat.

Mom promises that tonight I will have to get on the scale--how humiliating! In the mean time, she has given me a new theme song:

I'm a little treat-hound
short and stout

Here is my handle,
here is my snout.

When you get the treats out hear me shout,

By the time she gets done grabbing my tail and tuggin on my beard I leave in disgust!

So, we shall see how life progresses after the great weigh-in of '08.

Updates later. . . . .