Friday, October 26, 2007

Airedale or Pekingese???

Wast nite, is kepted putting my paw by the compooter twying to bwog, but Sadie was hoggin it. Just cuz she camed fwist--sheesh.

Anyway, wast night we wented for a vewy nice walk in our favorite park--the one wif the waterin hole from an earlier blog. Well, we wunned into a guy and hearded him talking to mum. Hewe's what he said.

Guy: Are your dogs brother and sister?
Mum: No, they are both female and are not at all related, just the same breed.
Guy: Well, the Pekingnese are such a nice breed. They are very cute. (The he walks on).

I noticed mum turned and watched him go wif a funny wook on hers face.

So, whenen we's got home,i 'cided to figwure out why mum thoughted that guy was so cwazy.

Here is a pekingese:

So, no wonder mum thoughted that guy was so cwazy! We are Airedales, and Airedales are nothing like Pekingese!! See:

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Catching up (with lots of pictures)

Okay, mum has been very bad about getting the pictures off of the camera and onto the computer so we could blog. We had a couple of posts started, but have since decided to abandon them in favor of this rather long post.

So, Boatey learned a new trick--eating from a kong.

(Boatey: man, these thingies is gweat. They's fulls of yummmy stuff. I nevwer knewed that life could be sooooo good! Why didn't I's catch onto this sooner?!?!?)

This development has upset me greatly. Previously, mum would fill two kongs with peanut butter, cottage cheese and kibble, but Boatey would abandon hers, leaving me with two delictable treats. Now, I am left to suffer with a single kong:

Of course, I still manage, somehow, to enjoy my measly, single kong:

(Mum's note: the kongs are a bribe--they give me a few minutes to do yoga without the dogs running between my legs and licking my face)

Now, earlier this week, we had a lovely hike. It had rained all weekend, but the sun came out just in time for the hoomans to go back to work. Fortunately, mum loves hiking almost as much as we do. The trail we took is one of my particular favorites. It has lovely depressions along the way--perfect for catching rainwater and creating PUDDLES. Now, I do not get too excited about much, but I LOVE PUDDLES. Well, on Tuesday, Boatey and I got way ahead of mum when we knew a puddle was coming up. When she couldn't see us, we played a lovely game of biteyface. Our particular version of bitey face involves attempting to swallow the other's face and then flipping her over. We had a lovely time. Then, an awful thing happened. When we got home, mum decided to bathe us! She muttered something about mud clods hanging from our furnishings and having just vacuumed. I don't see a problem, but she seems to think she is in control!

(mum's note: The only way to bathe Boatey is to get into the tub with her. She is still terrified of running water. We suspect someone turned a hose on her as punishment or that she was left under sprinklers when she was left in a kennel by her previous "owner." This bath went pretty well. I was able to just sit on the edge of the tub with her between my legs as opposed to having to sit down in the tub and hug her tight while her papa shampooed her all up! Yeah Boatey!!!!)

Thursday, October 11, 2007


Our friends Ellie & Harley gave us a great surprise!

This helped get us throught waiting for dad. He is now home safe and sound. (Don't worry, he gave us lots of pets and scratches to make up for leaving us all weekend.)

We have decided to pass this on to our Boston Buddies, Ozzie and Rocky!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

We miss our Daddy!!

Our daddy left for the weekend to wisit wif his famiwy. He's calwwed us wots, but it's not the sames as havin him heres to pway wif us. Wast nite, mum took us to the doggie pwark. It was fun, but when daddy wasn't home whenen we gots back, it was wery, wery uspsettin!!

My sisdale, Sadie, just went n pouwted! Seees what i mean:

i's waited fur daddy a looooooooooooon time, but then my eyes gots wearry, wearry heapy:

Mum says dad will be back tomorrow. I cant's waipt.


I love stuffies

It is well established that I love stuffies. Yesterday, after a lovely romp at the dog park, I decided to relax with my collection.


(mum note: sorry about the photo quality. Dad is gone for the weekend, and he took the camera with him. We girls have been forced into using a camera phone)

Monday, October 1, 2007

Saturday was a no-good-very-bad day (but Sunday was fun)

To be fair, Saturday started out as a lovely day. Dad took us to meet up with some doggie friends. It had rained the night before, so there were plenty of good, dead worms to roll in!! Boatey found a great spot and guarded it fiercely--she would even let our buddy Joey (a pom) near it! He was smart to leave--Boatey's mouth is larger than his entire body.

Then, something awful happened. The hoomans decided we needed groomed. Boatey is finally learning that grooming does not equal death. She looks lovely in her new do:

My story does not have such a happy ending. Now, I do not mind the clippers, but I detest the scissors. There is simply no reason that those horrible things need ever come near my face. However, as I tried for the one-hundredth time to let my parent know that I HATE scissors--well, the most awful, dreaded, horrible event happened. Mum's hand slipped as I was tossing my head in disgust. I went from this magnificient, gorgeous, beautiful 'dale with tremendous scruffles:

To this:

Now, Mum claims it needed to look like this because at least this look is even. I am almost so humiliated that I don't want to leave the house. Almost.

On Sunday evening, the hoomans coaxed us out of the house with the promise of a hike. We adore hiking. This was just a quick hike on some off-leash trails at a park in town.

However, it wasn't very busy, so we could play chase.

And we got loads of pets along the way!

Also, near the end of the loop is a delightful waterhole.

So, as you can see, this weekend was like an oreo. The outsides were good, but the middle was something entirely different.

Sadie (who cannot wait for her hair to grow back).