Thursday, October 25, 2007

Catching up (with lots of pictures)

Okay, mum has been very bad about getting the pictures off of the camera and onto the computer so we could blog. We had a couple of posts started, but have since decided to abandon them in favor of this rather long post.

So, Boatey learned a new trick--eating from a kong.

(Boatey: man, these thingies is gweat. They's fulls of yummmy stuff. I nevwer knewed that life could be sooooo good! Why didn't I's catch onto this sooner?!?!?)

This development has upset me greatly. Previously, mum would fill two kongs with peanut butter, cottage cheese and kibble, but Boatey would abandon hers, leaving me with two delictable treats. Now, I am left to suffer with a single kong:

Of course, I still manage, somehow, to enjoy my measly, single kong:

(Mum's note: the kongs are a bribe--they give me a few minutes to do yoga without the dogs running between my legs and licking my face)

Now, earlier this week, we had a lovely hike. It had rained all weekend, but the sun came out just in time for the hoomans to go back to work. Fortunately, mum loves hiking almost as much as we do. The trail we took is one of my particular favorites. It has lovely depressions along the way--perfect for catching rainwater and creating PUDDLES. Now, I do not get too excited about much, but I LOVE PUDDLES. Well, on Tuesday, Boatey and I got way ahead of mum when we knew a puddle was coming up. When she couldn't see us, we played a lovely game of biteyface. Our particular version of bitey face involves attempting to swallow the other's face and then flipping her over. We had a lovely time. Then, an awful thing happened. When we got home, mum decided to bathe us! She muttered something about mud clods hanging from our furnishings and having just vacuumed. I don't see a problem, but she seems to think she is in control!

(mum's note: The only way to bathe Boatey is to get into the tub with her. She is still terrified of running water. We suspect someone turned a hose on her as punishment or that she was left under sprinklers when she was left in a kennel by her previous "owner." This bath went pretty well. I was able to just sit on the edge of the tub with her between my legs as opposed to having to sit down in the tub and hug her tight while her papa shampooed her all up! Yeah Boatey!!!!)


Noah the Airedale said...

G'day gals,
We love treat filled kongs too. Our favourite is liver treats but we're rather partial to peanut butter as well.
Too bad about the bath. Why can't pinkies just let us enjoy ourselves in mud puddles without ruining the experience with a bath?
One of lifes mysteries I guess.

Hugs and tail wags
Willow, Tess and Lucy say g'day too.

Maggie & Mitch said...

We love our kongs too, especially filled with peanut butter! Come to think of it, we haven't had this treat in awhile. We're off to speak to mom about this!
We get lots of hugs and kisses after our bath, Boatey! I hope this happens at your house too!

Love ya lots,

Harry said...

I have been introduced to the Kong since coming to live here. Ma laughs at me as she reckons I'm useless at getting things out of them. They didn't have these new fangled things when I was a pup

Mojo said...

Why don't humans understand this mud thing? We go to great lengths to stink this good. Why wash us?

And yeah, Kongs Rule!