Monday, June 18, 2007

First Introductions, Part II

Hey, this is Boatie. I know Sadie said you could here more about her life as a single 'dale, but I wanted to introduce myself. I came to Idaho last August. I'm what you call a rescue Airedale. My parents don't know much about my life before, and I don't like to talk about it, but here is what I can tell you.

I lived in Wyoming before my original "owner" gave me to rescue. I didn't have much of a life. He was trying to breed all black Airedales, but I didn't come out black enough for him. I spent all of my time locked in a kennel outside, and I didn't get enough to eat. He finally gave me to rescue. Here is what I looked like then--my ribs stuck out!! You can also see how scared I was. See, back then, I didn't know that humans could be good and nice.

My parents have taught me a lot. Now I know how to walk on a leash and be nice to other dogs, rather than scared. Now I know what toys are, and I can jump really high in the "aire" to catch balls. I also have a pink frog that I like to carry around the living room--but he lives there, so I never take him out of that room.

I also know that there will always be enough food, so I don't have to guard my bowl and growl (I think Sadie is thankful I finally learned this trick). They even took me to obedience class--I know to put my butt on the ground when they say "Sit" and I know to keep all four feet on the ground when they say "stand." I also learned that they really like for me to be on their left-side. They worked for weeks on this trick--they called it "heel." Now, I am so good at it, that I always find their left side--even if they haven't said "heel" and we aren't on a walk. Here is my graduation picture:

I also have favorites--I love to go for walks. I love the dog park where I can run as fast as I can. I like to hike, and I love to cuddle. As you can tell, I am doing much better than I was last summer.

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