Friday, June 15, 2007

First Introductions

This Blog is all about us--the not-quite-right Airegirls who live in Idaho. I should probably explain why we are not-quite-right. That is a long story, so this first blog with cover me, Sadie. After all, I came to Idaho first, even if I am the younger of us two, and was the first not-quiet-right Airegirl.
You see, my upright parents bought a house two years ago, and were thrilled to finally have the space for a dog. As a gift, my upright mom's father was helping them find a dog. He called several times, each time suggesting a different breed of dog. Each time, mom and dad turned him down. Then came the fateful phone message. Dad played it first, but because mom had been so reluctant he expected another "no." Instead, once mom heard that her father had found an Airedale, she turned to dad and said: "what do you think?" They checked their email, and saw this adorable picture of me first:

But they knew that something was wrong, because they saw this picture next:

As it turns out, my left eye had been punctured and now I am completely blind on that side. Don't feel sorry for me though, it hasn't slowed me down at all!!

For a while, my mom and dad tried really hard to protect the eye as much as they could. However, I am not an Airegirl willing to make a fashion statement.

I really disliked my "doggles," and took them off every chance I could. Now, my parents let me run free, but the price I pay for my finicky fashion sense is nightly eyedrops.

That's enough for right now. Later, I will tell you more about my life as a single 'dale, and then you will get to meet the other not-quite-right girl, my sis--Boatie.

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