Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Lots of Firsts

Well, August started off right. We got to take our first camping trip--to the Oregon coast. That means not only did we sleep in a tent for the first time, we also saw the ocean for the first time. We were not so fond of the ocean--whenever mom or dad tried to get in, even just up to their ankles, we barked like mad until they came out.

Because a pictures is worth more than words, here are the highlights.

Notice the cool stream by our campsite. One night, there was a family of raccoons on the other side. We chased them off with our strong barks--aaaaaarrrrrrouhhh! We are such good 'dales.

Running in the sand was tremendous!

Of course, being Oregon, it was very windy!

We loved chasing each other.

And getting drinks after we were done.

Finally, we had the best time exploring everything on the beach!

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