Saturday, August 11, 2007

July was Busy!

Hi! Sadie here. Boy, was July busy. First, our daddy's aunt and uncle came to visit. We were kinda bummed though, because they didn't bring their Pomeranian, Chachi, to visit. They were nice, but we couldn't visit them in the guest room.

After that, our cousin, Lilli, came to visit. She's an 8-year old hooman girl. We liked her. She gave us lots of treats and pets. She loves animals and wants to be a vet. Fortunately, we didn't need her services!

Here is me with Lilli:

We also got to spend a weekend with our grandparents because Mom and Dad took a trip four their anniversary.

Yes, July was very busy!

We'll be back soon to update you on our new experience--camping by the beach in Oregon!!!

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