Friday, August 31, 2007

Middle Name Game

We got a new cyber-dale friend (Bogart the Handsome), and found this fun game on his site. Here’s how it goes:

List one fact that is somehow relevant to you and your life for each letter of your middle name. If you don’t have a middle name, use the middle name you would have liked to have had.

Sadie: My full name (at least when I am being cute and good) is: Sadie Wadie Puppy Bear.

W: W is for WONDERFULLY DELIGHTFUL--which I am every day (although my parents might say it is for WRECKING HAVOC--they believe that is my favorite game)
A: A is for AIREDALE, the most wonderful breed in the world, and of which I am a proud memeber
D: D is for DIRTY, which is what I my paws are when I work on expanding my pit in the back yard. D is also for DIGNITY--I am an incredibly dignified Airedale.
I: I is for ICKY--which is how I feel about certain foods (like bananas) even though I insist on stealing such treats from my parents. I is also for INSISTENT, which is exactly how stongly I feel about doing what I want, when I want!
E: E is for EXTREMELY BEAUTIFUL. I even prance if we meet someone on the street and they notice how pretty I am!

Boatey: My fwull name is Boatie Wotie Luv Bug Dale. I even answere to Bug! I's gettin' smawrter.

L: L is for LOVEY DOVEY, which is how I twreat my new parents. They is wondurpul to me!
U: U is for UCKY, that's what my parents say when I eat stuff I's not s'possed da
V: V is for VALIENT--that's how I act when i hear a noise outside--i give it my best, loudest, deepest ARRROUGH. Even if it's just my daddy coming home! Course, if'in its somebody that I don't know, I run and hide!

B: B is for BEAUTIFUL, I knows I'm beautipul now, 'cuz my new parents tell me that all the time! B is also for BEARD--i's have a trwemendous beard--it holds lots of water!
U: U is for UNBELIEVABLY WILD--that's my reaction when my parents get howme from work. I run 'round like a heathen--they say, anyway.
G: G is for GOTCHA--that's one of my favowrite games. It works like this: I runs up behind a hooman, and poke them, whens they turn around, I look at them like I's sayin' "GOTCHA" and then scamper away. Mommy loves this when she is in nice work clothes!! G is also for GOOD-- i's a good 'dale now. I learned manners in this new place, so I gets to go lotsa pwaces with my sisdale and parents.


Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Hi buddies,

Welcome to - it is great to meet you and I am sure you will make lots of new friends here :-)


Maggie & Mitch said...

OMG, we go away for 1 week and we come home to lots of new Airedale friends! We're so pleased to meet you! I'm Maggie and my brother is Mitch. I'm 9 years and he's 9 months! We'll be back!

Love ya lots,