Friday, August 31, 2007

Middle Name Game

We got a new cyber-dale friend (Bogart the Handsome), and found this fun game on his site. Here’s how it goes:

List one fact that is somehow relevant to you and your life for each letter of your middle name. If you don’t have a middle name, use the middle name you would have liked to have had.

Sadie: My full name (at least when I am being cute and good) is: Sadie Wadie Puppy Bear.

W: W is for WONDERFULLY DELIGHTFUL--which I am every day (although my parents might say it is for WRECKING HAVOC--they believe that is my favorite game)
A: A is for AIREDALE, the most wonderful breed in the world, and of which I am a proud memeber
D: D is for DIRTY, which is what I my paws are when I work on expanding my pit in the back yard. D is also for DIGNITY--I am an incredibly dignified Airedale.
I: I is for ICKY--which is how I feel about certain foods (like bananas) even though I insist on stealing such treats from my parents. I is also for INSISTENT, which is exactly how stongly I feel about doing what I want, when I want!
E: E is for EXTREMELY BEAUTIFUL. I even prance if we meet someone on the street and they notice how pretty I am!

Boatey: My fwull name is Boatie Wotie Luv Bug Dale. I even answere to Bug! I's gettin' smawrter.

L: L is for LOVEY DOVEY, which is how I twreat my new parents. They is wondurpul to me!
U: U is for UCKY, that's what my parents say when I eat stuff I's not s'possed da
V: V is for VALIENT--that's how I act when i hear a noise outside--i give it my best, loudest, deepest ARRROUGH. Even if it's just my daddy coming home! Course, if'in its somebody that I don't know, I run and hide!

B: B is for BEAUTIFUL, I knows I'm beautipul now, 'cuz my new parents tell me that all the time! B is also for BEARD--i's have a trwemendous beard--it holds lots of water!
U: U is for UNBELIEVABLY WILD--that's my reaction when my parents get howme from work. I run 'round like a heathen--they say, anyway.
G: G is for GOTCHA--that's one of my favowrite games. It works like this: I runs up behind a hooman, and poke them, whens they turn around, I look at them like I's sayin' "GOTCHA" and then scamper away. Mommy loves this when she is in nice work clothes!! G is also for GOOD-- i's a good 'dale now. I learned manners in this new place, so I gets to go lotsa pwaces with my sisdale and parents.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

My First A-Day

Monday, August 20 was my A-day. Yup, it's one year since I came to live wif these nice people and my sisdale, Sadie. To celeprate, my momma took us to the pet store, and we gots to pick out new toys!!!! Yeah, I luv the pet store--it has lots of good smells and nice ladies who pat my head.

Well, we gots two indoor toys and two outdoor toys. First, we got two stuffies: a baboon that squeaks, and a dog that squeaks, too. I love the baboon:
Of course, Sadie loves stuffies more than me, so sometimes she hogs the new stuffies:

Moftly, though, we share the toys. Particularly the outside ones. For outside, we gots a new Kong Wubba, and a ball-ropey thing. Heerwe's me wif the Wubba--it's sooooo fun to chew!
Heerwe's me wif the rope thing. It's lotsa fun to chew, too!

And heewrwe's me and my sis--Sadie. We luv to play in the yard.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Lots of Firsts

Well, August started off right. We got to take our first camping trip--to the Oregon coast. That means not only did we sleep in a tent for the first time, we also saw the ocean for the first time. We were not so fond of the ocean--whenever mom or dad tried to get in, even just up to their ankles, we barked like mad until they came out.

Because a pictures is worth more than words, here are the highlights.

Notice the cool stream by our campsite. One night, there was a family of raccoons on the other side. We chased them off with our strong barks--aaaaaarrrrrrouhhh! We are such good 'dales.

Running in the sand was tremendous!

Of course, being Oregon, it was very windy!

We loved chasing each other.

And getting drinks after we were done.

Finally, we had the best time exploring everything on the beach!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

July was Busy!

Hi! Sadie here. Boy, was July busy. First, our daddy's aunt and uncle came to visit. We were kinda bummed though, because they didn't bring their Pomeranian, Chachi, to visit. They were nice, but we couldn't visit them in the guest room.

After that, our cousin, Lilli, came to visit. She's an 8-year old hooman girl. We liked her. She gave us lots of treats and pets. She loves animals and wants to be a vet. Fortunately, we didn't need her services!

Here is me with Lilli:

We also got to spend a weekend with our grandparents because Mom and Dad took a trip four their anniversary.

Yes, July was very busy!

We'll be back soon to update you on our new experience--camping by the beach in Oregon!!!